• Proto-type/Fast Turn SMT & TH PCB Assemblies
  • Production Volume Manufacturing of SMT & TH assemblies
  • PCT Design, panel layout, TH to SMT Conversions
  • Manufacturing Engineering Support for DRM, Pick and Place Programming and Process Control
  • Test Engineering: Functional Test Fixture Design, Production Testing and Diagnostics, DFT Support

Materials can be customer supplied or provided turn-key. Turn-key materials are procured through first line distributors by the job or by forecast & firm period for scheduled production.

Material handling is made efficient by utilizing a "direct from receiving dock to kit" approach. This gives immediate kit status visibility and eliminates costly stocking and kitting operations.

Typical run sizes of 20-1,000 can be accommodated with component technology ranging from 0603 chips, 20 mil pitch QFPs to BGA's, etc. With adhesive dispensing capabilities, both single and double sided assemblies can be processed. Solder is reflowed by a multi-zone convection oven using either low solids RMA, no-clean or water-soluble fluxes.

The quality infrastructure is company-wide, as prescribed by the 19 elements of our ISO 9002 registration. Procedures for ESD protection, corrective and preventative actions, approved vendor lists and a material review board are just some of the activities which are part of our Quality Program.

Most importantly, employees are trained and certified to implement the established processes and IPC-A-610D Class 2 workmanship standards.

Controlled Processes:

Whether it is original manufacturing, rework or revision update, the appropriate engineering processes and equipment are at hand. This ensures safe handling of today's high technology components and supports delivery of high quality products.

Production Volume Through-Hole Assembly:

A combination of standard assembly processes, slide line, semi-automatic assembly, wave flow and PCB cleaning are provided for production volume through-hole assembly. To support our PCB assembly service, we also offer cable and harness wiring plus chassis and backplane assembly.

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